Bachelor party

Spend an unforgettable bachelor party in an erotic massage salon


Age: 23 Growth: 178 Weight: 58 Chest: 2
Age: 25 Growth: 170 Weight: 54 Chest: 3.5 Silicone: Yes
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
erotic massage salon
Age: 29 Growth: 175 Weight: 68 Chest: 5
Age: 27 Growth: 170 Weight: 53 Chest: 3 Silicone: Yes
Age: 23 Growth: 160 Weight: 50 Chest: 1.5
Age: 23 Growth: 171 Weight: 60 Chest: 2
Age: 23 Growth: 164 Weight: 52 Chest: 3.5 Silicone: Yes
Age: 23 Growth: 168 Weight: 50 Chest: 3.5
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The elite men's recreation club "Vanilia" offers to hold a stormy and interesting bachelor party within its walls!

An exciting adventure awaits you in honor of farewell to the status of a "bachelor" to remember, which will be as pleasant as participating in it!

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Incendiary and passionate

Paradise pleasures and fiery passions - all this awaits you at the bachelor party in the Vaniliya salon! An island of fantasy and excitement in the very center of the capital will allow you to spend this evening unforgettable and bright! Here you will find beautiful women, alcohol and a sea of ​​pleasures that you will experience for yourself: exciting practices of Thailand, relaxing classics, BDSM games, Lingam massage from the most professional craftsmen and endless delight from every touch.

The most beautiful girls

Everything that you have long dreamed of is in the Vanilla erotic massage salon. Agree that it is not right to deprive yourself of joys in the last days of a bachelor's life? We understand this, and therefore we have developed a program specifically for this occasion that will satisfy the needs of everyone who wants to relax, “like the last time”! And with this you will be helped by luxurious girls who can do EVERYTHING that is indicated in the programs of the salon, and maybe much more ... if you have special preferences.

Charge with emotions

Erotic massage in the salon "Vanilia" is a way to restore your strength for new achievements. Noisy festivities, celebrations and congratulations await you ahead. On an important wedding day, it is important to be “on horseback” and feel full of energy. Treat yourself to a vacation that will become not just a “passing event”, but a story that is pleasant to remember in the company of friends even years later!

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