27.11.2023 1:03 pm

Surprise from the Snow Maiden

Gift certificates from our girls! Take part in the drawing in our VKontakte community and receive: 1st place: Gift certificate for RUB 5,000. 2nd place: Gift certificate for RUB 3,500. 3rd place: Gift certificate for 1,500 rubles. We will contact each winner personally! Detailed conditions for participation in our VK community.
06.10.2023 1:48 pm


Please your loved ones and friends: purchase two gift certificates and get a 50% discount on the second one!
18.07.2023 4:15 pm

Points = Rubles

Install a loyalty card and earn points! When paying, show the card to the administrator and get 5% cashback. And with the accumulated rubles pay up to 100% of the check! We give 500 bonus rubles for installation! Install
05.05.2023 2:24 pm

Taste paradise!

Incredible program “Grand Paradise” with a 50% discount every day! 5 hours of incredible relaxation are now available to every guest of our salon. Daily until 16:00 three-stage program will cost 22,500 rubles
12.10.2022 3:46 pm

Seventh heaven

There is no such thing as too much massage! If you like to be in the company of beautiful girls and enjoy a massage, we suggest you purchase a subscription for 10 sessions! With it, your pleasure will not cost 40,000 ₽, but only 25,000 ₽. With us you will get an unforgettable pleasure, as […]
11.10.2022 5:23 pm

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on forever! Did you know that within our walls you can become a member of a very hot show? Choose a program with show elements or enjoy the company of two beauties and get a set of shots as a gift for an even brighter performance!
24.08.2022 12:35 pm

Individual congratulations for your friends!

Do you want to stand out among everyone and congratulate your friend with an exclusive video clip from our beauties? This is easy to do! We provide an opportunity to order a video greeting from the girl you like with the text that you ask for! The cost of this service is 2000 rubles, which […]
10.06.2022 3:09 pm

Double pleasure

Especially for our men massage in 4 hands as a gift! Until 18:00 valid for programs from 10 000 rubles After 18:00 – for programs from 15,000 rubles Hurry up to catch the opportunity! *Massage in 4 hands will be done by 2 beauties only in the classical part, but only 1 girl remains for […]
13.05.2021 11:11 am

Referral system

Refer a friend and get +25% to the cost of the selected program. But that’s not all! We give a -10% discount to each friend in your company.
13.05.2021 11:17 am

+5 new girls every day

The girls did not have time to prepare the photos, but they are so eagerly looking forward to meeting you. Give beautiful strangers a chance to surprise you with your skills! Sign up with them today: +7 (985) 255-74-55
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