27.06.2024 12:00 pm

Happy hours

Every week from Sunday to Thursday we announce Happy Hours! Visit our salon from 13:00 to 18:00 and choose one of 5 gifts to choose from: +30 minutes as a gift to the program; 50% discount for the second master; Secret gift from the craftswoman; Second relaxation as a gift; For renewal we give a […]
29.03.2024 12:55 pm

Gift for departure!

We have prepared bonuses especially for our guests when ordering a massage at home! We give +15 minutes of extra time for hourly programs For a program from 1.5 hours we give +30 minutes of extra time Choose program and get relaxation without leaving home!
06.10.2023 1:48 pm


Please your loved ones and friends: purchase two gift certificates and get a 50% discount on the second one!
18.07.2023 4:15 pm

Points = Rubles

Install a loyalty card and earn points! When paying, show the card to the administrator and get 5% cashback. And with the accumulated rubles pay up to 100% of the check! We give 500 bonus rubles for installation! Install
05.05.2023 2:24 pm

Taste paradise!

Incredible program “Grand Paradise” with a 50% discount every day! 3 hours of incredible relaxation are now available to every guest of our salon. Daily until 16:00 three-stage program will cost 22,500 rubles
13.05.2021 11:11 am

Referral system

Your friends don’t know about our salon yet? Come together and receive as a gift: – For programs from 7000 rubles for 30 minutes of steaming in a sauna or hammam! Don’t forget to use the code word “friends“!
12.10.2022 3:46 pm

Seventh heaven

There is no such thing as too much massage! If you like to be in the company of beautiful girls and enjoy a massage, we suggest you purchase a subscription for 10 sessions! With it, your pleasure will not cost 40,000 ₽, but only 35,000 ₽. With us you will get an unforgettable pleasure, as […]
11.10.2022 5:23 pm

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on forever! Did you know that within our walls you can become a member of a very hot show? Choose a program with show elements or enjoy the company of two beauties and get a set of shots as a gift for an even brighter performance!
10.06.2022 3:09 pm

Double pleasure

Especially for our men massage in 4 hands as a gift! Until 18:00 valid for programs from 10 000 rubles After 18:00 – for programs from 15,000 rubles Hurry up to catch the opportunity! *Massage in 4 hands will be done by 2 beauties only in the classical part, but only 1 girl remains for […]
13.05.2021 11:17 am

+5 new girls every day

The girls did not have time to prepare the photos, but they are so eagerly looking forward to meeting you. Give beautiful strangers a chance to surprise you with your skills! Sign up with them today: telegram
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