Additional services

With add-ons you can build your own dream program! We have both gentle and sensual proposals, as well as very bold options for the most sophisticated.


What could be better than body steaming? If you are a fan of such procedures, you can prepare for the program in our hammam! Well, the girls will gladly keep you company.


The spacious Jacuzzi is as relaxing as a week's vacation! Here you can take a bath both alone and accompanied by a craftswoman. An interesting experience that many men dream of!

VIP room

We have deluxe rooms. If you want to spend time in a royal setting, we suggest you spend your time in these apartments! Such leisure will be remembered for a long time.

Set of tinctures

We offer our dear guests a set of homemade tinctures! Available flavors to choose from: blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, cherry-chocolate, lingonberry, cherry, sea buckthorn. Choose and try!


Fans of smoky cocktails will definitely appreciate the Vanilia flavor range and the skill of our hookah ladies. With it, the guest can quickly relax before the program, and for some, the sensations are also aggravated.


Our girls are not only attractive in appearance, they are also interesting companions. And one of them will gladly keep you company for a good drink and a pleasant conversation.

Program add-ons


  • 2 000₽
    Every man fantasizes about something. And to make your dream come true, order the “Fetish” addition to your erotic massage.

Strawberry+Sakura branch+Body kisses (3 in 1)

  • 2 000₽
    We have collected for you the 3 most popular services in one add-on! With it, your erotic massage session will become even more exciting and intense.

Prostate massage

  • 3 000₽
    Erotic prostate massage attracts many men, but only a few decide to do it. And if you are still wondering whether to try urology practice, stop doubting!


  • 5 000₽
    We agree that not everyone will decide to make such an addition to their program. But only brave men will receive a sweet reward - a powerful release, the effect of which will not leave the body for a long time.

End control

  • 1 000₽
    Our girls will not let you go so easily: they will monitor all the reactions of your body in order to pause at the right moment... And continue again.

Peep show

  • 2 000₽
    Peep show massage is a real performance that will provide excitement from the first minutes. Imagine: all the attention of a stunning girl is directed only at you...

Tenge egg + Aerobatics (2 in 1)

  • 2 000₽
    Our 2 in 1 add-ons have never left men indifferent. And the combination of using the Tenge egg and the “Aerobatics” service is in particular demand.

Second relaxation

  • 2 000₽
    Massage with two endings is the choice of insatiable men. Not used to denying yourself anything? Then order an additional second relaxation for your vacation!

Kisses on the body

  • One way 1 000₽
    Round trip 2 000₽
  • Do you want to diversify the program with something gentle and exciting at the same time? Then complement your erotic massage with kisses!

Aqua foam massage in jacuzzi

  • 3 000₽ +20 minutes as a gift
    Erotic aqua foam massage is a godsend for fans of spa holidays. It helps to quickly relax and prepare for the session, as well as relieve overexcitement after the program.

Whipped cream

  • 3 000₽ you lick cream from the masseuse’s body
  • 5 000₽ two masseuses lick cream from each other


  • 5 000₽
    You've often seen this in movies, but have you tried it yourself? If not, urgently come to our salon for an erotic massage with toys!

Touching the master

  • 1 500₽
    We know how men are attracted to the juicy hips, firm breasts and velvety skin of our girls, so we give our guests the opportunity to touch the beauty!

Erotic massage with additions is much more interesting

To provide yourself with an interesting rest, it is enough to come to the Vanilia erotic massage salon. Even if you have never been to this kind of leisure, rest assured that you will not be disappointed with our work! Well, to make the session even more pleasant, use the additional services from Vanilia! They are organically combined with each other and bring variety even to the basic programs.

Every person has a cherished fetish that he would like to bring to life. And it is not always possible to realize ideas in the company of your soulmate. With us you do not have to limit yourself, relax as you have long dreamed of! Our professional masseuses will give pleasure to every cell of your body, and with additions you will feel this ecstasy even more sharply.

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