Grand Paradise

  • 45000
  • 300 min
The program, designed specifically for men, takes place in three stages.

The first stage: soaring and scrubbing. Tea drinking and hookah, fruits and honey… A visit to the hammam with scrubbing of the whole body and head. High-quality men's cosmetics to choose from several options. Soaring with the use of a bamboo broom, and at the end of the Jacuzzi with healing salts and aqua-foam massage with an erotic part.

The second stage: a grandiose spa program. Designed specifically for the male body: spa socks with a scrubbing effect, spa gloves, face masks followed by massage with a special roller. Also unusual for a man is a chocolate wrap.

Third stage: classic massage with final erotic "All inclusive", with all our chips and additions, hot stones, towels, strawberries and oranges, as well as other options.
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